Marr College Newsletter 04 - Page 14

Issue Number 04 | November 2019 Halloween Disco Our Halloween Disco was a ghoulish success this year. The event was organised by our S6 Leadership team and attended by S1 and S6 students. The costumes from both students and staff were outstanding... Everything from Scooby Doo to Pennywise. Games, dancing and prizes ensured great fun was had by all. Well done to everyone involved. Peer Mentoring Tree of Knowledge Our S5 and S6 students took part in a peer mentoring workshop this month with S6 students sharing their knowledge and experiences. S5 students were placed in groups and given the opportunity to quiz their S6 counterparts who shared their experiences of sitting exams, studying, balancing work commitments, taking part in clubs and other opportunities available to them. Teams were also given a study technique to try while S6 students facilitated this, sharing top tips. Thank you to those who contributed. After the success of last session, Mr Moncrieff was able to organise another visit from Tree of Knowledge in October so that they could work with our S5 cohort. The workshop was entitled ‘Reach for the Power’ and was designed to provide a further insight into the science of motivation, mind sets, attitudes, communication and how these factors affect future events. “It made sense and makes you understand about why you find it hard doing things and are unmotivated – but also about how it’s not just you that gets like that.” “Made me feel like I’m not the only person feeling the way I do which was really important to me.” “Made you question the way you were going about your daily life. I’m more likely to want to make steps towards my goals now.” 13