Marr College Newsletter 04 - Page 13

Issue Number 04 | November 2019 Youth Achievement Our S3 Youth Achievement class visited Dumfries House in October to attend a team building activity day. They had great fun on the climbing wall bravely climbing to lofty heights. This was followed by team building activities in the games hall and then an obstacle course! A great day was had by all – well done to everyone that took part. UCAS Updates All senior students know the deadlines required when applying through UCAS and how to access the UCAS hub. All relevant information has been uploaded to the school website so students can keep track of deadlines. Good luck to all applicants. YASS Courses YASS courses are Open University courses designed to bridge the gap from school to university. The courses are distance online learning that students will undertake on their own. Each module offered through YASS is Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Level 7, equivalent to first year university level. We were delighted that last year Marr had 16 students achieve a pass with outstanding results in Contemporary Law in Scotland, Galaxies Stars and Planets and Molecules and Medicine. This year we have an even higher number of 20 students taking part who are currently studying a variety of different courses, including:     Law making in Scotland Volcanoes Earthquakes Fundamentals of Accounting Molecules & Medicine Galaxies, stars & planets Law making in Scotland S6 Study Tips Extravaganza Written by Anya Joyner, S6 “While studying for my exams last year, I found that working in a quiet place with really helped me. I made flashcards and notes, did lots of past paper questions and went to supported study in order to prepare for my exams. The best advice I have is to be harsh while marking any practice questions, spread out your studying so you don’t have to cram, and get lots of sleep the night before.” “The most important thing to do is make a study timetable and stick to it. I also found the How to Pass books really helpful and would definitely recommend watching DLB Maths on YouTube if you’re doing Higher Maths. Making flashcards and mind maps also helped me a lot while studying for subjects where you need to memorise or visualise things.” Lewis Donnan, 6W Gilly Broadfoot, 6D 12