MARQUEE @TailoredInNYC December 2016 | Page 2

I really hadn’t officially decided on the cover for this month’s issue until just before Thanksgiving . My man Tony McClean at Black Athlete Sports Network (BASN) sent me some promo copy that I’d requested for a test I was running on Tailored Sound. The PUBLISHER’S Pen I was looking for a featured image in particular. But, here is the magic of content. In McClean’s copy, he included a quote from Negro League founder Rube Foster: “We are the ship, all else the sea.” As I’m thinking about that specific quote and digesting all the post-election drama swirling around the cable news networks, I picked up my remote and channelsurfed over to the “Movie” section. I’m scrolling through the listings and I spot “Amistad” on Showtime. It’s programmed to air in 30 minutes or so. Of course, I’ve seen it before. But, the movie was in theaters nearly 20 years ago. So, I loaded it up and shot McClean a text to send me an “Amistad” image. What you see on the MARQUEE cover is an example of collaboration between men. The story gets better. While re-watching the film, I’m paying full attention to the early courtroom scenes (not 20 minutes in) and the first thang out of my mouth is “They’re in there arguing about piracy.” Given what we know about the vacillating opinions about rigged systems and their impact on presidential elections, how appropriate is it that all those Hillary Clinton supporters are now feeling that the court of the Electoral College has somehow ruled against them? Queen Isabella of Spain v. The USA.