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If you have a new rescue dog , sometimes allowing them to sleep in your bedroom will cause less disruption as they are more likely to settle being in your company . Be aware though , if you let them sleep in your room at first , making a transition to their own bed later will be more of a challenge , so it ’ s best to start as you mean to go on .
Not only does letting your dog sleep in the bed increase the amount of quality time you spend together , it can actually help your dog feel calmer and less anxious if they suffer from separation anxiety and you ’ ve not been with them for most of the day . The same can be said for humans – sharing a bed with your dog can help ease anxiety and provide a feeling of safety , security and companionship . For some , it may be easier to sleep , knowing that their light-sleeping canine will also alert them to anything out of the ordinary . And let ’ s not forget that dogs are also perfect bed warmers , keeping you toasty on a cold night . And finally , there is no substitute for waking up to a tail-wagging dog , that sweet face that couldn ’ t be any happier to see you .
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Be consistent with where you let your dog sleep . Allowing dog napping on your bed when you ’ re not sleeping in it can send mixed messages .
As long as you take care of their cleanliness , keep long-haired dogs well-groomed and take action if you spot any behavioural issues , why not share your bed with your beloved furbaby ? And if you think dogs and their paws are too dirty to be in your pristine bed , who can blame you ? At the end of the day , letting your dogs sleep in your bed is a personal preference and choice and everyone should do what works for them .

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