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Centralized programs make budget sense but for hybrid marketing , there are also disadvantages .
The brick-and-mortar vs . online debate has monopolized so much of retail promoters ' attention in recent years that it ' s easy to forget that there was a time when the most lively discussions were about brand consolidation within the shopping center industry and what was then the contentious issue of marketing strategy centralization .
To put it plainly , the issue was whether or not it was beneficial for a CRE developer to make most of its marketing decisions at the head office and then task its property teams to use templates for advertising and visual branding , and plan a few minor tweaks to personalize the campaigns . Trimming the marketing budget and optimizing the residual funds were top priorities , as was the desire to strengthen brands , especially for developers who had large portfolios . That way , shoppers who visited different properties owned by the same developer would have a certain level of expectations and , hopefully , comfort , just as a Starbucks coffee lover might when stepping into any of the chain ' s cafes . The same logic was applied to mall websites within large portfolios — the architecture , graphics , and generic content was repeated from one site to another . But does this still make sense ?
Sure , the chances of an ABC mall shopper in Indiana spending much time on the websites of other corporateowned properties in neighboring states are slim . However , even when perusing a single site , it ' s easy to get a sense of whether or not the content is locally anchored . Which events are promoted ? Who is the social influencer fronting the lifestyle blog ? Which charity partners are cited in outreach campaigns ? The answers to these questions are all clues in figuring out how centralized or community-anchored a mall ' s marketing strategies are . Given that shoppers are spending a lot of time on the web , on apps , and on social media , yet are yearning for closer connections during the pandemic , investing in celebrating the uniqueness of a mall property and its relevance in the immediate community might pay off handsomely over the long run .
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Rundle Mall was more than ready for post-Christmas trading .
A couple of shoppers in Adelaide didn ' t need to stress out about hitting the Boxing Day sales at Rundle Mall late last year because the precinct gave its customers a chance to win front-of-the-line spots and a $ 250 ( US $ 178 ) voucher : One for The Myer Centre and the other for the David Jones store at Adelaide Central Plaza . Participants entered online with their name , email address , postal code , phone number , and chosen retail destination out of the two designated ones . Besides the two top prizes , shoppers could also try to win more prime spots , be it one of 100 at The Myer Centre or one of 200 at the Adelaide Central Plaza , along with a few surprise goodies .
The Boxing Day Sale took place from 9 am through 5 pm on December 26 . While shoppers were on-site , they could buy tickets to the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Festival .
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