Marketing Profiles 2018 Glen Appelbaum | Marketing Presentation - Page 4

WHAT WE DO Our mission is to market your vessel through all marketing channels to reach a targeted audience of yachtsmen and industry professionals. YOUR YACHT WILL BE PART OF AN EXCLUSIVE SALES FLEET WITH ACCESS TO THE MOST AGGRESSIVE MARKETING PROGRAM AVAILABLE. STRATEGIES WILL INCLUDE: • • • • • • • • INTERNET MARKETING (SEO & PPC) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PRINT ADVERTISING VIDEO PROFILES VIRTUAL TOUR PR & INDUSTRY MEDIA EMAIL MARKETING DIRECT MAIL Gl e n App e lb au m wi ll ove rse e t he sa l e s pro ce s s , an d wi ll b e i nt imate ly invol ved i n all as p e ct s of ne got iat ion, a nd ul ti m ate ly, t h e clo s i n g proce ss.