Marketing Profiles 2018 Glen Appelbaum | Marketing Presentation - Page 12

C U S TO M L A N D I N G PA G E Denison’s custom landing pages have become popular with all the major search engines. Each listing includes important details such as full specs, video, photography, equipment lists and easy-to-find broker contact information. These landing pages have been designed to attract buyers and brokers searching for yachts on Google, Bing and Yahoo. MLS MARKETING Another way Denison captures attention online is through aggressive marketing tactics on a wide variety of MLS services and websites. It’s never been more important to strategically advertise charter listings on the Internet. Implementing a smart web strategy requires experience and a proven game plan. Simply placing a listing on a few major websites and waiting for the phone to ring is not a sufficient way to market your yacht. Denison’s MLS strategy includes subscriptions on over 45 MLS sites, including the majors: • • • • • Yatco Boat Trader Boat International