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MEET Geo Tamblyn Geo has been in the marine industry for nearly 30 years. His passion for boating stems from his childhood experiences sailing and boating around the Northwest with his family. Like his father, he feels the experience of being on the open water is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The summer he turned 15, he seized an opportunity to work for a sailboat rigging company in Victoria, BC. His knowledge as a yacht and sailboat handler grew as he worked offshore from Los Angeles to Ketchican. From 1991 until 1999, he worked in high-end yacht repair facilities on Lake Union, Washington, mastering the trades in finish, woodwork, fiberglass fabrication, modification and repair. In 1999, Geo co-founded Lake Union Yacht Center and in 2004 became the sole proprietor. Always hands-on with each project, he managed each detail whether as a heavy equipment operator running 85-, 55- and 35-ton Travelifts, conducting straight leg crane operation or managing the project crew from bow to stern. He continued to learn the trade inside and out while at the Regency, Hampton, Grand Banks, Symbol, and President manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. When considering buying and/or selling your yacht, many consider Geo’s experience an asset and perfect fit. He prides himself on his ability to not only listen to his customer’s needs but work hard to go above and beyond in accomplishing their goals. He is an excellent choice with his extensive knowledge in commissioning, warranty, repair and overseas building. Mostly, Geo will be present and keep his clients up to date and informed, including at every viewing, each survey, and for all their questions along the way. Also, the relationship will continue beyond the sale. He will be there to guide his clients and teach them how to operate their new yacht. Most importantly, he will only be a phone call away to advise and consult if they need a hand. Geo’s goal is to make the buying and selling experience confident and fun while sharing and utilizing years of experience and knowledge. He is personable and friendly and pledges to work diligently to represent his clients’ best interests. G e o Ta m b l y n | 2 0 6 . 4 2 3 . 4 4 2 2 | G e o @ D e n i s o nYa c h t S a l e s . c o m