Marketing Policies - Page 9

FEATURES & ANNOUNCEMENTS The priority of all features are at the discretion of the Marketing Department based on the following criteria: • Appeal to a broad Life University audience • Timeliness of content • Major appointments or policy decisions that impact all employees • Key internal events that draw attendance from across the University community • Major awards, grants or research accomplishments Your request should include: • Contact Information: Please include your name and department, as well as the name, daytime phone number(s) and e-­ ail address(es) m of whom to contact if there are any questions. • Text: Submitted in either an email or Word document. The content should be brief (200–300 words), factual and grammatically correct, and should clearly address who, what, where, why and when in the first paragraph. Please proofread all content prior to submission; submitted copy may be edited for length, clarity and consistency within Life University Style Guidelines. • Photos: The department/person who requests the feature is responsible for supplying photos. Photos should be at least 300x300 pixels (4.167x4.167 inches) and legally permitted for general use. Duration of feature can run for a maximum of two weeks—please indicate specific dates. Note that final dates and duration of run is at the discretion of the Marketing Department, based on timeliness as well as number and content of current features and announcements. Requesting Editorial Assistance: If you require our writers to develop the story, please submit all information at least one week prior to requested start date of the feature. Please be aware that failure to submit information one week ahead of time may result in delay of your requested start date. Life University Marketing Project Policies | 9