Marketing Policies | Page 8

PROJECT POLICIES Daily LIFE Wire / LIFE News & Events / FacStaff News & Events Policy LIFE News & Events and FacStaff News & Events promote selected LIFE announcements and events. The online versions of these announcements and events will be posted within 24 hours of approval and submission to the Marketing Department. The email versions which provide the featured story and other highlighted announcements/ dates are sent out Monday morning (or Tuesday if there is an observed Monday holiday). Please Note: LIFE News & Events is only sent out when students are on campus during regular school weeks. The following are guidelines for each component of LIFE News & Events / FacStaff News & Events: UPCOMING EVENTS Each department is responsible for submission of its own event posts, which includes providing the content and specifying which version(s) the post should appear (LIFE News & Events, FacStaff News & Events or both). Posts must meet University editorial and brand guidelines. The Marketing Department reserves the right to edit any and all posts so that they adhere to the Life University Style Guidelines. Event posts are expected to contain: • Appropriate headline or title of event • Describe who, what, when, where, how and why • Include URL to link event to a registration portal (if applicable) • Include contact information for more information (if applicable) • Be proofread and approved by your department head prior to posting, or by Student Services if it is a student club event. Life University Marketing Project Policies