Marketing Policies | Page 6

PROJECT POLICIES Internal Communications Policy The Marketing Department is responsible for publishing internal communications to the LIFE community. To ensure that Internal Communications are both effective and efficient vehicles to share important and/or critical information with the LIFE community, the University must be strategic regarding both the content and frequency of this method of communication. This outreach can take the form of a: • Daily LIFE Wire—priority information targeted to a specific audience (students, faculty, staff ) that is sent immediately. These types of communication are for urgent and/or high-­ riority announcements p only, and the decision about the use of this type of communication is solely at the discretion of the Marketing Department. Submissions must be sent to [email protected]. • LIFE News & Events / FacStaff News & Events—online “articles” that appear on the website and are highlighted in a weekly email to the two audiences. Any announcement or official Life University event can be communicated through this vehicle. Submissions must be sent to LIFENew[email protected]. • PowerPoint Slide in Socrates Café—four screens in the café show rotating slides for announcements and official Life University events. PowerPoint slides must be created by you and submitted to [email protected] for approval. • PowerPoint Slide in CCE Building—the screens in the CCE Building show rotating slides only for a limited number of specific announcements and events. The Marketing Department has sole discretion for which announcements and events can be displayed on these monitors, the parameters of which have been dictated by the Executive Office. Life University Marketing Project Policies | 6