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Left To Right : Founder & CEO Andy Buyting And President Trevor Arsenault .

It is with great excitement and immense pride that I welcome you to this anniversary issue of Tulip Media Marketing Magazine , where we celebrate a remarkable milestone — our 10th year in business . As President of Tulip , I am honored to share the journey of our company ’ s evolution , our commitment to excellence , and the exciting new developments that lie ahead . While we are always looking ahead , it is remarkable to acknowledge the entrepreneurial courage of our founder , Andy Buyting .

In the world of marketing , where budgets are continually challenged by the relentless increase in the cost of capital , we at Tulip Media have continued to stay true to our core principles . We have steadfastly delivered 22 + million magazines for 178 + Client-Partners who have become more than just clients ; they are part of the Tulip Media family . It is through these valued relationships and unwavering dedication to quality that we have continued to thrive .
I am energized to share that 2023 has been an extraordinary year for Tulip .
We have achieved an unprecedented feat — we have more than doubled our business in a single year . This phenomenal growth is a testament to the trust that our Client-Partners have placed in us and the unparalleled efforts of our extraordinary team .
At the heart of our success is our exceptionally talented and dedicated team . I am grateful to each member of Tulip Media who has contributed to our growth and continues to drive our vision forward . It is your unrelenting commitment to excellence , creativity , and innovation that has made us a leader in custom magazines .
In our pursuit of excellence , we remain committed to embracing cuttingedge technology . One of the most significant developments for Tulip in 2023 has been our dive into the realm of artificial intelligence ( AI ). While we have leveraged AI-driven marketing strategies to enhance our services , we have been careful not to lose sight of our cultural values . This demonstrates our adaptability and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry . We believe in the power of AI to augment human creativity , not replace it .
As we celebrate our 10th year , we also reflect on our journey . Tulip Media has come a long way since 2014 . Our mission has always been to provide a platform for our Client-Partners to tell their unique stories , connect with their audience on a profound level , and , ultimately , achieve their marketing goals . Over the years , we have seen our clients grow , evolve , and achieve remarkable success , and we take immense pride in having played a part in their journey . In January , the Tulip Media team will celebrate our successes together in Tampa and read aloud our evolution of our vision expressed in our Painted Picture .
In this issue of Tulip Media Marketing Magazine , we have some incredible features lined up that reflect our dedication to innovation , quality , and relevance . Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey . Here ’ s to another decade of excellence , creativity , and partnership !
Trevor Arsenault President Trevor @ TulipMediaGroup . com