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Anybody in business can measure their results and demand rigor in their marketing .
Demanding rigor and seeing results does not necessarily mean you need to spend more money . Often , we see people , not knowing enough about digital marketing , who end up wasting a lot of money . There are countless examples where we went in , were more targeted , more focused in our marketing strategy and produced a lot more results with a smaller budget .
Measuring clear objective results is key if you are going to use your limited resources in a smart way and maximize your return on investment . Are you demanding rigor in your marketing ? Are you able to see measurable results in the marketing that your company does ? If not , I would challenge you to move in that direction . Take the first few steps to doing only the marketing that can be measured .
Today , another thing you want to ask yourself is , “ What makes the cash register ring ?” “ What brings dollars in the door ?” “ What is real value ?” When I think of my own company and the marketing that we do , we do monitor the different levers we can pull , however , at the end of the day , I do not care how many visitors come to our website . I don ’ t care how many Facebook “ likes ” we have or followers we have on LinkedIn . What I do care about in our own digital marketing are three things : how many times our phone rings , how many times a prospect fills out a contact form wanting to learn more about what we sell , and how many times a prospect books a meeting in our calendar wanting to learn more about how we can help them with their marketing . That ’ s what we measure and what we deem as our critical measurement of excellence . That ’ s what we monitor and that ’ s what I care most about . How many times do people reach out to us with a tangible ask about what we offer and what we sell ?
What are you measuring in your marketing ? I look at things like website traffic and social media engagement as levers to pull , ways to get to a number that really counts , but I can ’ t take website traffic to the bank . If we have 100,000 people visit our website but nobody clicks through to take action that we want them to take , it ’ s nearly worthless to me . I would rather have 10 or 20 people that are serious about wanting to change the way that they go to market , who reach out to us in a given week and engage with us than 10,000 visitors to our website . That ’ s what counts to me .
I feel that when it comes to marketing , what I can take to the bank , the lagging metric , is conversions or marketing qualified leads . That ’ s what I ’ m striving for . That is what we measure accurately every week . We track those numbers whether they ’ re trending upwards or downwards . If they are trending downwards , what are we going to do about it ? That ’ s when we look at some of those leading metrics , those levers that we can pull to turn things around .
So , how much rigor are you demanding out of your marketing ? How much do you insist that marketing pay for itself , or are you one of those companies that can say that 50 % of your marketing is working , you just don ’ t know which 50 %?
With digital marketing now , you can track everything . So you want to be clear on what your objectives are , be clear on what you can take to the bank , and what you ’ re going to measure that will determine if your investment is paying off or not . Be rigorous around measuring that , in fixing things that are not measurable or not performing to the standards that you set up .
If you want to speak to any one of us at Tulip Media Group , we can talk you through your marketing strategy and how you can increase your measurable effectiveness when it comes to your business development dollars . We may even be able to show you how you can actually reduce your budget but , being more targeted , produce more results . If you ’ d like to talk it through , please reach out . We ’ d be glad to jump on a call with you .
Andy Buyting ' s thought leadership journey started when he published his first business book in 2007 and first magazines in 2009 . Since that time , he has leveraged custom magazines and online digital content strategies to establish himself as a leading authority in content marketing and brand positioning . Through his company , Tulip Media , Andy and his team make these content marketing strategies and tools accessible to their Client-Partners .
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