™Marketing Magazine Issue 17 | Page 7

Jessica Embree and Andy Buyting are continuing their podcast tour . Their international best-selling book , Double Sales / Zero Salespeople , is continuing to gain traction among marketing and sales professionals . To date , Jessica and Andy have appeared on :
• Supercharging Business Success with Bill Prater
• NASP Leads to Growth with Chris McCoy
• Connected : The Sales + Leadership Show with Phil Gerbyshak
• Sales Evangelist with Don Kelly
• Marketing Mistakes with Stacy Jones
• Relationships Rule with Janice Porter
• Bold Business with Jess Dewell
• The Talent , Sales & Scale Podcast with Bryan Whittington
• Breakthrough Success with Marc Guberti
• Small Business with Lori Brooks
• Delivering Marketing Joy Webshow with Kirby Hasseman
• Brand Retro with Mike Brevik
• Inbound Success with Kathleen Booth
• B2B Digital Marketer with Jim Rembach
• Marketing Tips for Doctors with Barbara Hale
• Business Ownership with Michelle Nedelec
• eCommerce Marketing Podcast with Arlen Robinson
• Accelerate Your Business Growth with Dine Helbig
• Millionaire Woman Show with Debra Kasowski
• Deal Closers with Izach Porter
• Marketing Expedition with Rhea Allen
• Marketing Made Simple with StoryBrand
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