™Marketing Magazine Issue 15 | Page 3


Welcome everyone to an exciting new year , the year 2022 . After learning to live with COVID and overcoming many of the obstacles it has presented for us in business , we ’ ve emerged into a new reality . With the new year comes a world of new possibilities .
A lot of people are comparing the current business climate to the roaring 1920s when businesses were strong and growing rapidly . Right now , every industry is ripe with opportunities for those who are innovative , ambitious , and eager to stake their claim , and the Client-Partners we work with all fall into that category . They ’ re all progressive thinkers , movers and shakers , and they all want to take advantage of these new opportunities .
The biggest challenge that I ’ m seeing with the businesses we work with is deciding what to focus on . Through the ups and downs of my decades in business , I ’ ve learned that there is never a shortage of opportunities but there is always a shortage of time .
There is a limit to what we can focus on .
Going into 2022 , I challenge you to pinpoint what you want your business to focus on . Determine which markets you ’ re going after , who your core customer is , how you are going to make the delivery of your products exceptional , and how you can add more value for your clientele . Think about your strategy for the coming three years and how you can execute on it this quarter .
Here at Tulip Media Group , we recently went through a very similar exercise . We have our focus and our painted picture for the next two years now , which you can read about alongside the progress we ’ ve made toward our goals in the Timeline article on page 5 .
To successfully execute your own plans for 2022 , you need the right management team . In this issue , we not only explore the strategic marketing planning process for 2022 but we also dive into how to equip your management team for success in the new year . Tulip Media Group Vice President Stacey O ’ Brien has also contributed tips for effective project management to help you manage all of your new marketing initiatives .
With digital marketing growing , you need to innovate your digital marketing strategy like never before , and your team at Tulip Media Group will be here to drive your success every step of the way . This is an exciting time to be in business , and we are so grateful to be a part of your journey .
To our Client-Partners of the present , past , and future , thank you so much for your continued support . We look forward to celebrating your business development milestones together with you this year .
All the best and enjoy the magazine , Andy Buyting , Founder & CEO Andy @ TulipMediaGroup . com