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Welcome to the final 2021 issue of
Marketing Magazine . As we approach the end of this year , I have some exciting news . The book I co-authored with Tulip Media Group ’ s Creative Director , Jessica Embree — Double Sales / Zero Salespeople : Optimize Your Sales And Marketing Into One Business Development Strategy That Works — is now available both for Amazon Kindle and in paperback . In its prerelease , our book became an Amazon best seller , and we ’ re really excited to be able to share it with all of you . It ’ s a great read with a lot of valuable takeaways for business owners looking to transform the way they grow .
As an individual , I read , on average , between 30 and 35 books each year . Being such an avid reader , I can tell you that this is a book I would have loved to have read years ago when our company was struggling to grow . In the book , we talk about how to reconcile the divide between sales and marketing to accelerate growth in your business . At the same time , we tell you how to streamline your selling process by utilizing automation techniques and optimizing productivity in your labor force . The concepts we share with you are the same ones we applied to transform Tulip Media Group from stagnating sales to a high-growth marketing firm .
On that note , we ’ ve also decided to bring a new level of engagement and vulnerability to our magazine by giving you a peek behind the curtain of our organization . We ’ ve always shared our Tulip Media Group timeline article where we highlight the major events that have driven our growth over the years . However , one thing we ’ ve never shared with the public is our “ painted picture ,” or the vision we have for our organization ’ s future . To give you a better idea of who we are and where we want to go , we ’ ve decided to share that with you now . It ’ s included on page 7 so you don ’ t miss it . I ’ ve also included a short article on what is involved in the development and presentation of a painted picture so you can develop one for your organization .
The decision to include our painted picture in this issue sparked some debate within our team . Some of us wondered if letting everyone in on our goals and objectives would be detrimental to achieving them . Ultimately , we resolved that it would be an excellent way to resonate with our readers and align everyone involved with Tulip Media Group with the vision we have for our organization going forward .
I invite you to share your thoughts on our painted picture and the process we ’ re taking to make it happen . This tool for team alignment has worked wonders for our company ’ s development , and I ’ d love to hear what you think about it and how you think we ’ re doing . Drop me a line any time at andy @ tulipmediagroup . com .
All the best and enjoy the magazine , Andy Buyting , Founder & CEO Andy @ TulipMediaGroup . com