Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine October, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 10 - Page 6

BEVERLY BATEMAN (Cont.) BY DESIGN BLURB EXCERPT Nurse Evie Dalton succumbs to greed and a chance to work with sexy Dr. Adam Marsden. She accepts a po- sition at an isolated hospital with an onsite animal farm, screams in the night, and mysterious limos arriving in the dark. People disappear and turn up dead. There‟s no way to leave and no communication outside the town. Dr. Adam Marsden left his past behind. Now he has it all: a great job, money, and a chance to buy his own hospital. But he hadn‟t counted on Evie Dalton. Because of him, she‟s at risk and might be the next victim. She detoured to the window, opened the curtains slightly and watched two limos pull up beside the hospital. Nine or ten people got out and disappeared into the back wing. They appeared to be both men and women. Most of them carried small black bags. The limos backed up, turned around and left. Now what would all those people be doing going into the hospi- tal? They didn’t look like patients. What else could they be? They were obviously going to be there for a while since their transportation had left. They‟d gone into the back wing; one of the wings Evie hadn‟t been shown. Evie let the curtain close. She frowned, chewed her lower lip, and tried to figure out what they might be doing. Her mind was a total blank. She shrugged and gave up. She glanced out the window again. This time an am- bulance slipped quietly through the dusky night. It slid up to a large door down from where the other group of peo- ple had entered. She watched the ambulance attendants open the back door and remove a stretcher. They carried it inside. By the shape, it appeared to be a body under the covers. Reviews Welcome. 6