Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine October, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 10 - Page 24

SEPTEMBER, 2018 GIVE ME BACK MY TIGER By: M. Garnet The Plot: Chance is her name, and she is a math whiz who just wants to pay off her student loans and work on puz- zles. Her pretend friend from child- hood is a white tiger. She finds a job with a government group who offers her what she thinks is perfect. How does something that looks as simple as working deep in the mountains of Colorado turn into a war against the US government? Her first hint was seeing a soldier do things that no human could do, and she found math and puzzles she couldn‟t solve. Yet she was the person who solved all puzzles. That was why they hired her and brought her to this secret post. Here she found something more dangerous than her pre- tend white tiger. An Excerpt It hit her mind that the tall man was going to kill Rider. “Wait, stop. Don‟t kill him.” There was a frozen moment as the man held Rider, who was now struggling with less effort. “He was raping you.” This was a soft emotionless male voice. In the dim light, she could see his eyes almost glowing in the re- flected light. There was nothing on his face—no frown, no an- ger, and no emotions that she could see. She got up slowly, holding her loose pants against her body. She hurt in a lot of places and her head was sending out pulses of pain. But she didn‟t want death. Reviews Welcome. Available in E-Book At: New Concepts Publishing Amazon BN Author Contact Info: Price: $3.49 Length: 79 Pages Heat Level: R Website Facebook Amazon Author Page Biography: The author lives in Florida and, under the pen name of M. Garnet (Muriel Garnet Yantiss), spends all her time writing, reading, or talking to writers and readers. She writes sci-fi, fantasy, and adult romance, including her new award-winning fiftieth released book, The Storm Tamer. Her web site is and shows all the books she has written. Find her on Amazon at her author page at She loves to hear from you at She answers all emails. 24 01