Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine October, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 10 - Page 22

AUGUST, 2018 WATER LUST By: Mary Winter The Plot: On her private Caribbean is- land, Grace Edwards is more at home in the ocean than on land. She spends her time searching for the elusive man of her dreams. He fulfills her every desire, takes her to the heights of passion, and makes love to her every night—all night. There is just one problem. Come the dawn, reality rushes in and her dream man disap- pears back to wherever he came from. When an old woman gives her the key to finding him, Grace finally has the information she needs. She‟s ready to find him and turn her dreams into reality. For Chemal, restricted for so long to only visiting the love of his life in her dreams, he‟s ready to prove to her that they have more than lust—that with her love they can have forever. An Excerpt Not Provided. Note: This is a reissued edition of a previously released book. It has been edited and reformatted, but is largely un- changed from the original version. Reviews Welcome. Available in E-Book At: Amazon Author Contact Info: Price: $2.99 Length: 38 Pages Heat Level: R Website Blog Facebook Twitter Biography: Not Provided. 22 01