Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine October, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 10 - Page 13

AUGUST, 2018 TAKE ONE FAKE FIANCÉ By: Reet Singh The Plot: Mita Ramphul is single and fancy- free—and she wants it to stay that way. Living and working on the idyllic island of Mauritius is the stuff dreams are made of—until she bumps into a man who threatens to destroy it all. Tanay Devkumar is cynical and shut- tered—events in his past have cast a long and deep shadow. Convinced that Mita Ramphul represents a threat to his sister‟s happiness, he seeks her out, determined to block her nefari- ous plans. They meet in circumstances that can only be described as hostile—a series of disastrous events follow, and they are com- pelled to pretend that they are in love and wish to marry. It is meant to be a temporary engagement—but will Mita be able to resist her fake fiancé or will his scorching kisses make her yearn for something more permanent? An Excerpt Tanay walked in and found Mita propped up in bed and sparkling like a newly polished coin. Her face was scrubbed pink—the bruises much lighter now—and her hair was plaited into a long rope that lay across her breasts. She had on a regulation white hospital gown that tied with little strings down the front and Tanay caught a glimpse of creamy skin where one of the ties had come undone. When his gaze finally wandered back to her face, she treated him to a pierc- ing glare that would have felled a lesser man. „I wasn‟t mistaken. It is you—what the hell are you up to? How dare you show up here of all places.‟ Her fists were clenched and Tanay saw fit to keep his dis- tance. His cheek still smarted from when her palm had con- nected with it at their last encounter. ***** Amazon. Review by Sudesna Ghosh: What a hot and spirited romance! And it didn‟t hurt that the story was set in uncommon locations including my city of Kolkata! Available in E-Book At: Amazon Author Contact Info: Price: $2.99 Length: 214 Pages Heat Level: Not Provided Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: My love affair with books began when I was a tot. A fabulous mother, who recognized the power of the written word, introduced me to the wonderful world of the imagination. My father served in the army and took us along mostly wherever he went, resulting in experiences that beg to find a place in my books. I am an ophthalmologist but make time for my other passions—reading and writing, watching rom-coms, and doing creative things with wool and a crochet hook. I also love solving the cryptic crossword, and—when my muse is elusive—I enjoy pitting my wits against my husband‟s at Scrabble®. When I have no other choice, I can be found in the kitchen putting together my “world-famous” one-pot meals. 13 01