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The Plot :
Arthur Conan Doyle ’ s original tales include many references to everyday Victorian life that are no longer part of current readers ’ world . What Holmes would have eaten from a can while searching for the hound of the Baskervilles , Watson ’ s enjoyment of a yellow-back novel , or the proper use of a gasogene would have been common knowledge to the Victorian contemporary but compels modern readers to run to the nearest reference book . These twenty-five short essays pull such items from the past and expand on their significance in the story . As an additional bonus , this book contains an essay on the role of scandal in Holmes ’ cases , originally appearing in a collected volume of essays on feminism and agency . After enjoying these concise treatises on Holmes ’ world , readers will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of both the times and the life of the world ’ s greatest consulting detective .
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Award-winning author Liese Sherwood-Fabre knew she was destined to write when she got an A + in the second grade for her story about Dick , Jane , and Sally ’ s ruined picnic . After more than 10 years abroad , she returned to the US and seriously pursued her writing career . She turned an early interest in Sherlock Holmes into the series The Early Case Files of Sherlock Holmes , which explores how the world ’ s greatest consulting detective came to be . The research she has completed for this and other works form the basis for her nonfiction series The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes , and established her as a Sherlockian scholar . You can learn more about her works through her website .