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PROMOTION By : Barbara Donlon Bradley
MAY , 2020

PROMOTION By : Barbara Donlon Bradley

Bookbub is the account we ’ re working on now . It ’ s amazing what can be done if you know what you ’ re doing . I have had to pay for things like Bookfunnel , and Mailerlite . With Mailerlite I had exceeded the number of people receiving my newsletter ! And that was within just a few months of hiring her .
There is still a lot that I need to do . I say need to because I haven ’ t gotten to it yet . I think part of it is the fact that I ’ m still grieving . I seem to do all kinds of things but the things I should be doing . My blog is still done by me . I need to revive it properly . I also will get back to my Pinterest account , even though I don ’ t see a need . I use Godaddy . com for my domain and use their free service to create and maintain my web pages . My next challenge is Tiktok . I know authors use it and I want to try my hand , but I don ’ t even look at the videos to see what is out there .
No matter if you ’ re just starting out or a seasoned promoter . There are always ways to get people to notice you . You need to find the one that works for you the best , then share it . What works for you could help someone else .
Biography :
Barbara Bradley is an author and editor , a mom , and a wife . She is an award-winning author and so are some of the author ’ s she ’ s edited over the years . Although she will continue to edit for one of her publishers she has also decided to do some freelance editing as well . You can reach her at barbaradonlonbradley @ gmail . com
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