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YESTERDAY ’ S OVER By : Becky Flade

The Plot :
In the rubble of a massive explosion that rocked Philadelphia , bones are discovered beneath the remains of a row house .
Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Trudy Beasley prides herself on providing answers and closure to victim ’ s families , but the mystery surrounding the skeletal remains is something she ’ s never seen before . Could whoever did this still be loose in the city ? Trudy ’ s instincts demand she pursue the truth . Forensic anthropologist Benjamin Roberts disagrees . Ben sees the puzzle as an academic challenge , not a legal one .
As the investigation progresses , Trudy and Ben are pulled closer together , until their professional relationship crosses the line of professionalism and they find themselves in each other ’ s arms . Will their newfound romance survive when someone is willing to kill again in order to keep secrets buried along with those in the row house disaster ?
An Excerpt
Trudy cut off the overheads , turned the lock on her door , and sank onto the sofa . Death was her job . She was a scientist , a doctor , foremost . Though she ’ d been born with a gift for compartmentalization , she never learned how to not become emotionally involved . Once she shut off the scientist , the woman grieved . Three days of burned bodies , plus the violent , unexplained , and unattended deaths Philadelphia regularly generated . She ’ d been going non-stop . Her boss handled the press and the police , her assistants dealt with frantic family members , Trudy delegated autopsies where she could , but she had little rest . Now bones , an entire bag of bones . It takes weeks , sometimes years , for a body to decompose depending on a variety of factors , she recalled from her days in medical school . Those bones aren ’ t recently dead . Fresh death was her job . One that never stopped .
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Biography :
When I was little , I thought everyone had stories in their head . When I found out that wasn ’ t true and that only special people had stories to tell , I wanted to be one of the people who shared their stories with the world . Here I am , making my own dreams come true , one happily ever after at a time .