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FELONY MELANIE AND THE PRANK WAR By : Douglas J . Eboch and Kris Bock

The Plot :
You met her in the movie Sweet Home Alabama . In high school , Melanie Smooter is known as Felony Melanie , the teenage troublemaker of Pigeon Creek , Alabama . Her boyfriend , Jake , is always by her side — and the local sheriff is usually close behind .
This week , everyone in town is looking forward to the big football game against Greenville , Pigeon Creek ’ s hated rivals . Jake is more excited than most — as the new quarterback , he ’ s poised for stardom . But the lead up to the game becomes as exciting as the game itself when pranksters from Greenville steal Pigeon Creek ’ s pig mascot . Then Jake ’ s playbook goes missing , which could get him kicked off the team . Could the pranksters have stolen it as well ? Melanie , Jake , and their friends embark on an undercover mission to recover the stolen mascot and find Jake ’ s playbook before the team is disgraced in front of the whole town . Reviews Welcome .
An Excerpt
Oinkers wallowed in a little chicken-wire pen until it was time to run out on the field with the team or do his patented touchdown dance , the one Lurlynn had trained him to do . But now the pen was empty . The fireworks weren ’ t the prank , they were a distraction . Lurlynn crouched down , hands over her cheeks . “ Oh no .” Melanie kicked at the gate post of the empty pen . Those
Greenville High kids would pay for this . She ’ d make sure . Jolene strode up . “ You had one job !” Lurlynn snuffled . “ I ’ m sorry .” “ Sorry won ’ t help us beat Greenville .” “ I was only gone for a second .” Jolene sighed . “ There ’ s a tree stump in my backyard with a higher IQ . If you had an idea , it would die of loneliness .”
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Biography :
Douglas J . Eboch is a screenwriter and author who wrote the original screenplay to the movie Sweet Home Alabama starring Reese Witherspoon . His sister is the author of over 100 books under the names Kris Bock , M . M . Eboch and Chris Eboch .
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