Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine June, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 6 - Page 6

MARIE TUHART (Cont.) MASTER COLE BLURB Janie Murphy‟s glimpse inside Cole Daniels‟ special playroom has her intrigued, even if she has no physical experience with such wild pleasures. She‟s been attracted to him for years and yearns for a relationship between them. She‟s not afraid to try a little kink. Dominant Cole Daniels never imagined he‟d find himself in the position of dragging a very grown-up and attractive Janie out of a BDSM club. Even she challenges him to be the one to teach her the joys of the wilder side of intimacy or allow someone else the sheer pleasure of initiating her, he can‟t resist. As Janie begins to fall in love, witnessing a true power exchange causes her the painful realization that touching Cole‟s heart is beyond her dreams. When Janie leaves him, can Cole open his heart to the woman he truly loves? Will she be willing to handle all of Cole? Reviews Welcome. 6 EXCERPT Two long, frustrating months of living with Cole as if they were nothing more than friends. “Look, I know you promised your dad to look after me, but I‟m old enough to make my own decisions.” “I never said you weren‟t old enough.” “Then quit treating me like a child! I‟m a woman and I have needs.” He choked on his drink, and Janie covered her grin with her hand. She wasn‟t going to pull her punches to- night. “I‟m going to explore my sexuality with or without your help.” She really wanted him, but if he couldn‟t see her as an adult, she‟d find another Dom who would. “What does that mean?” He scowled at her. Janie downed the rest of her drink and set her glass on the bar. “It means I‟m going to make my own deci- sions about sex and kink and how I experience them.” She lifted her chin and stared at him. “Now it‟s your turn to decide if you‟re going to teach me what I want to know, or do I go elsewhere?” Her heart clenched. She really wanted to learn from Cole, but she wasn‟t going to wait forever.