Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine June, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 6 - Page 15

MARCH, 2018 LIES AND SOLACE: Love at Solace Lake, Book 1 By: Jana Richards The Plot: Harper Lindquist is convinced she‟s found the answer to her financial prayers. Unless she pours cash into crumbling Solace Lake Lodge, she‟ll lose her family‟s legacy. Her would-be savior arrives in the middle of a Minne- sota blizzard, and she‟s determined to prove to her reluctant, and trapped, financier that the lodge is a sound in- vestment. But Harper isn‟t completely honest with him. And she has no idea the lake is hiding secrets of its own. Ethan James is a liar, but his money is very real. He isn‟t convinced a broken-down inn is a smart investment opportu- nity. But the more he understands Harper‟s dreams and desires, the more he wants to be the man to make them come true. The trauma in both their pasts means neither can fully trust the other. They must find the courage to love, to trust, and to ac- cept, or yesterday‟s sorrows will keep them apart. Reviews Welcome. Available in E-Book At: Amazon An Excerpt As she stared into his dark eyes she realized how much she trusted him and relied on him. That was something rare for her. The only people she trusted as much were her sisters. I’m in love with him. The thought blasted through her brain with the force of a tsunami. The tension of the last few weeks, the insecurity, the mistrust, the fear, slipped easily from her shoulders. For the first time, her mind was clear. She was in love with Ethan and she didn‟t want to wait anymore. She wanted him. She wanted him to be her first, her last. Finding courage she didn‟t know she possessed, Harper slid off the stool and walked around the island. She plucked the wine glass from his hand and set it on the counter, then placed his hand on her breast. “Make love with me, Ethan.” Author Contact Info: Price: $3.99 Length: 244 Pages Heat Level: R Website Blog Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: Jana Richards has tried her hand at many writing projects over the years, from magazine articles and short stories to full-length paranormal suspense and romantic comedy. She loves to create characters with a sense of humor, but also a serious side. She believes there‟s nothing more interesting then peeling back the layers of a character to see what makes them tick. When not writing up a storm, working at her day job as an office administrator, or dealing with ever-present mountains of laundry, Jana can be found on the local golf course pursuing her newest hobby. Jana lives in Western Canada with her husband Warren and a highly spoiled pug/terrier cross named Lou. You can reach her through her website at 15 7