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MAY , 2018


The Naked Reviewers by Sherry Terry : This is one of my favorite reads this year . This book has all the elements I love in a good romance / erotica . Hot sex , believably flawed characters that pull you into their world , and great descriptive storytelling .
An Excerpt
A bit of melted Cheddar oozed out between crisp slices of bread , warming the corner of Ramona ‘ s mouth . She flicked out her tongue and caught the errant piece of deliciousness . The sharp tang , tempered by something earthy and creamy , pushed a satisfied groan up from the bottom of her belly . This was turning out to be a whole body eating experience .
With one more bite , the first piece was gone . She looked up from the other half of the sandwich , cut into a perfect triangle , crusts removed , to find Lucas ‘ gaze intent on her . ― I have to say , your grilled cheese sandwiches are even better than I remember . Even though they were always amazing .‖
Lucas leaned forward , tanned forearms flexed on the expanse of the stainless-steel worktable . ― Glad to see my extensive culinary education wasn ‘ t a complete waste of time .‖
She picked up the remaining piece and paused , deciding to exercise the tiniest bit of self-control and not put the whole thing in her mouth . ― No . I think you picked right . All this scrumptious food would have been wasted on a bunch of stuffy lawyers .‖
A shrug accompanied a dimple-enhanced grin . ― Except those stuffy lawyers are now my main customers .‖
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PE Kavanagh has been a professional dancer , MIT-educated engineer , corporate executive , spiritual teacher , and chef . These days , her favorite titles are author , mother , and hot stuff . Find out what she ‘ s up to at pekavanagh . com .
MAY, 2018 FRIENDS & LOVERS BOOK TWO: COMING HOME PE Kavanagh: The Plot: Home means many things to Ramona Barrett and none of them are good. A family mired in politics and ample amounts of bad behavior have kept her happily far away. Even after her enraged mother escapes, her drunk father sobers up, and her tyrannical grandfather dies, she has no interest in reconnecting to those rotten roots. Fifteen years later, a steamy encoun- ter with her childhood friend leaves her swooning like a schoolgirl. He‘s become a man who dissolves her logic, foils her plans, a Ս́ȁ̸)QáѼͽ͔ѡӊáЁٕ)ѡձѕЁ͕́ɕ̸) ѡ͡ݡɔȁ܁ɔ(Q9I٥ݕ́MQQ́)䁙ٽɥєɕ́ѡ́啅ȸQ́́ѡ)́$ٔɽɽѥ!Ё͕ఁم)ݕɅѕ́ѡЁձԁѼѡȁݽɱɕЁ)͍ɥѥٔѽѕ)م ) ̀ȁI)齸) 8))ፕ)Ёѕ ȁ镐Ёݕɥͱ́)ɕ݅ɵѡɹȁIáѠM)ȁѽՔ՝ЁѡɅЁ͹̸Q)͡хѕɕͽѡѡ䁅ɕ䰁͡)ͅѥ͙ɽɽѡѽȁ丁Q́݅́ɹ)ЁѼݡ䁕ѥɥ)]ѠɔєѡЁ݅́M)ɽѡѡȁѡͅݥЁѼəЁɥ)́ɕٕѼ1Սϊ`锁ѕЁȸU$ٔѼͅ)ȁɥ͔ͅݥ́ɔٕѕȁѡ$ɕȸ)ٕѡ՝ѡݕɔ݅́饹X)1Ս́݅ɐхɕɵ́ᕐѡ)͔ѡх̵ѕݽɭхUѼ͕䁕ѕͥٔ)ձ䁕Սѥ݅ͻaЁє݅єѥX)Mѡɕ͕Ѽ)ɍ͔ѡѥЁЁ͕ɽЁЁѡݡѡ)ȁѠU9$ѡԁɥиѡ͍́յѥ)ݽձٔ݅ѕչՙ䁱̻X)͡՜ɥUፕ)ѡ͔ՙ䁱́ɔ܁䁵ѽ̻X)ѡȁ хЁ%)1ѠЁA)Aɥ)Aɥ耐ȸ) 耐ȸ)IѥH)]ͥє))Qݥѕ)齸ѡȁA) Ʌ)A-م́ɽͥȰ5%PՍѕȰɅєᕍѥٔɥՅ)ѕȰQ͔̰ȁٽɥєѥѱ́ɔѡȰѡȰЁՙЁݡЁ͡a)ѼЁم((