Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine July, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 7 | Page 9

STAFF, ARTICLES, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AND HELP NEEDED ADVERTISE YOUR BACKLIST HELP! We need people to help for- mat and edit the magazine. We use The Chicago Manual of Style as our guide. You need MS Pub- lisher. Anyone interested in join- ing us? PLEASE contact Rochelle Weber at: mfrwstaff- [email protected]. Put ―Magazine Editor‖ in the subject line. Did you just send in book three of a series? Advertise books one and two here. Both members and non-members of the MFRW Yahoo Group are welcome to advertise in the magazine, but members get significant discounts. Get the submission form at MFRWMAGFORMS, or if you‘re not a member, e-mail Rochelle at the staff addy in the other articles. ARTICLES We accept articles. Send us your pitch announce- ments; tell us about your upcoming charity drives, contests, blog hops, Facebook parties, Thunderclaps, con- ventions, and workshops; give us your marketing and writing tips. Just send them to us marked ―Magazine Article‖ at mfrwstaff- [email protected] by the fif- teenth (15th) of the month preceding the issue in which you want them to run. Our Magazine Staff Emerald (Editor in Chief) Rochelle Weber (Publisher) Barbara Donlon Bradley (Editor) Michelle Davis (Editor) Full List of Ad Rates: 9