Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine July, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 7 | Page 27

MAY, 2018 THE RIFT AVATAR By: M. Garnet The Plot: An Excerpt On a warship far off in space, leading an armada in search of an in- vading alien army, are thousands of military personnel serving their com- mitments. Time has changed, pro- gress has been made, but are people really different? A scientist buried in the middle of this giant spaceship is in a restricted love affair with a pilot of the small fighters used to go out to explore. What he finds in his love of both a female pilot and his interest in history, is an object on a destroyed planet. It is a small intelligent object that tells him a different story of history than the one taught in his schools. It causes him to doubt what his Commander and Officers are really doing in this war. Reviews Welcome. The screen made a ting again and with a sigh, James moved down to look and see who was sending him a notice. He immediately lost his breath. …HELLO THIS IS SAM… James took a step back and gratefully found a tall stool to sit on before his co-workers found him on the floor again. …IS THIS A BETTER WAY TO COMMUNICATE? I DID NOT MEAN TO DAMAGE YOU, BUT I FELT IT WAS TIME WE MET… ―I need to find a keyboard and plug it into this screen.‖ James got up, not even realizing he was talking out loud to himself. The screen tinged. …I CAN HEAR YOU… Now James really needed to sit down. He took several deep breaths. ―Am I talking to the Caydee?‖ …NO…HUMANS BUILT ME… Looking between the screen and the distant glow on the counter, James shook his head. ―I don‘t understand. What are you? I know of nothing I have ever seen that is as complex as you and I know I tested the age of where we found you. You can‘t fool me, you are older than any human that could have made you, so tell me the truth.‖ Available in E-Book At: New Concept Publishing Amazon Author Contact Info: Price: $4.49 Length: 165 Pages Heat Level: R Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: The author lives in Florida and under the pen name of M. Garnet (Muriel Garnet Yantiss) spends all her time writing, reading or talking to writers and readers. She writes SciFi, Fantasy and Contemporary Mystery with her new award winning fiftieth released book, The Storm Tamer. Visit her web site at to see other books she has written. You can find her on Amazon at her Author‘s site at: She loves to hear from you at mgarnet2@ya She answers all emails. 27 9