Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine July, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 7 | Page 23

JUNE, 2018 TRUE By: Ann Everett The Plot: Sometimes it takes losing everything… True Shanahan must be the unluckiest woman in the world. Ei- ther that or she‘s cursed. After an- other failed relationship, True leaves Dallas with a broken heart and new attitude. It‘s time to walk on the wild side. But when she makes a wrong turn and ends up in Bluebird, Texas, the only man she wants is anything but reckless. …to find all you’ve ever wanted. Ritter Malone is the town‘s favor- ite son and has the local hero awards to prove it. Seems he‘s always in the right place at the right time. But when he crosses paths with True, his life takes a turn he never sees coming. Her songwriting skills may be questionable, but her ability to turn him inside out is indisputable. Welcome to Bluebird, Texas. Where a chance meeting gives two people a chance at love. An Excerpt Once seated on the bench, she ran her fingertips over the keys. Other than the few notes she‘d hammered out at Ritter‘s, she couldn‘t recall the last time she‘d played, but figured it was like riding a bike. ―I should warn you. Apparently, I‘ve had some bad break- ups, so my songs are a bit on the—‖ ―Sad side?‖ ―No. More on the I‘ll-write-a-song-to-get-even-with-you side.‖ Jessie chuckled. ―I‘m anxious to hear them.‖ ―Okay, here we go. The title of this one is, ―You Can‘t Emoji Your Way Out of This.‖ When True finished all the verses, Jessie‘s face had turned red with laughter. ―That‘s pretty cute. Got another one?‖ ―Depending on how risqué you‘ll allow me to be, here‘s one I call, ―There Was Nothing Between Us but Your Penis.‖ ―Girl, you may be just what this place needs. What night you interested in?‖ Available in E-Book At: Amazon Author Contact Info: Prices: Print: TBA E-Book: $2.99 Length: Approx: 312 pages Heat Level: R Rated Website Blog Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: Ann Everett writes about small-town Texas, where the women are sassy enough to say what they want, and the men are panty-melting hot with plenty of southern charm. She‘s an Amazon bestselling author. She‘s won awards. She‘s a top reviewer on a major writing website, and a regular speaker at Wordwyse Exposytions. Here are ten things about her more interesting than accolades. She‘s married to her high school sweetheart. She loves shopping at thrift stores. She doesn‘t remember her first kiss. She hates talking on the telephone. A really sharp pencil makes her happy. She secretly wants to get a tattoo. She believes everyone should own a pair of cowboy boots. She‘s thankful wrinkles aren‘t painful. She sucks at math. 23 9