Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine August, 2019 Volume # 2, Issue # 8 | Page 2

ABOUT MFRW The Marketing for Romance Writers group is focused on learning marketing and publicity. We discuss ways to advance our careers, brainstorm new ventures and ideas, get feedback, and find others interested in mutual promotion. Our motto is ―Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.‖ We welcome mar- MFRW GROUP keting-related materials that ask questions, offer MarketingForRomanceWriters/ promos or ideas, or request help, advice, or opin- ions. We offer opportunities to join others in promotional efforts. As fellow authors (published and not yet), publishers, literary agents, editors, author promo groups, promo assistants, and artists, we are your support group and coworkers. Need to buy pens, pins, or other goodies? Found a great place to do that? Please share. We are open to all fiction and nonfiction genres without limit. We do not discuss writing per se; we focus on creating an image and using it effectively. Pitch sessions and calls for submission are welcome. Your MFRW Staff Who we are: Kayelle Allen, Founder Mona Karel, Blog Hop Coordinator Lisa Lowe, Social Media Coordinator Tina Gayle, Twitter Coordinator Reet Singh, Goodreads Coordinator Emerald, FB Coord. Rochelle Weber, Magazine Publisher Barbara Donlon Bradley, Mag. Editor Michelle Davis, Magazine Editor Lyncee Shillard, Magazine Editor Any of us can be contacted at: 2 Where to find us: [email protected] [email protected] To Our Readers... Welcome to the MFRW Magazine, brought to you by Marketing for Ro- mance Writers and its members. This magazine provides information on recent, current, and upcoming re- leases. Use the Joomag URL Tell your family, friends, and readers about the magazine. They can read it at: JMMFRWMAG. AUTHOR SUBMISSIONS We‘re now accepting submissions for the September, 2019 issue of the MFRW Magazine . In order to submit your book to the MFRW Magazine , you must be a member of the MFRW Yahoo Group. Your release date must fall between July and Septem- ber of 2019, and you MUST download the MAGAZINE Book Submission Form found in the files section of the MFRW Yahoo Group site: MFRWMAGFORMS. Please save your submission form as an RTF file and send it with appro- priate artwork to us at mfrwstaff- [email protected]. The deadline is the fifteenth (15th) of the month before the issue comes out—e.g., January 15 for the February issue.