Market Research,Forecasts and Trends vol 43

Carbon Capture Sequestration Market worth $ 6.8 Billion by 2019 The report “Carbon Capture & Sequestration market by Service (Capture, Transport & Sequestration) Technology (Post-combustion, Pre-combustion, Oxy-fuel combustion & Industrial separation) and Geography - Global trends & forecast to 2019” , defines and segments the global carbon capture sequestration services market with analysis and forecasts of global revenue. The carbon capture sequestration market is estimated to grow from over $1.78 billion in 2013 to nearly $6.81 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of over 27.18%. Get Enquiry Before Buying @ Increased research, exploration activities and investment drive the need for effective carbon capture sequestration practices. The demand for enhancedoil recovery strategy escalates sequestration activities that sequentially generate associated carbons, which are required to be safely captured and then transported. Stringent environmental regulations play a key role in the growth of carbon capture sequestration services within a region. Americas being one of the most developed Pre Combustion arenasisalready established at the federal level.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation issued regulations establishing carbon emission standards and fuel efficiency standards for medium and heavy-duty engines and vehicles. In Europe, the region is an authoritative source of knowledge in most aspects of CCS technology and deployment. A European Commission Directive mandates that Members States institute legal and regulatory frameworks for CCS. Request For Customization on this Report @ The Asia-Pacific market and the Middle East Market are likely to grow and are currently the upcoming markets with growing exploratory activities and increased importance attached to environmental protection. Consequently, the increasing understanding to decrease environmental hazards, the sustainable development of energy resources, and safe capture and storage of carbon associated continues to encourage the need for carbon capture sequestration services. The report analyzes and projects the carbon capture sequestration market by services, geography, and technology. Carbon capture sequestration services include carbon capture, carbon transport, and carbon storage segments, while the market by geography includes Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East-Africa. The carbon capture market is also classified by technology that includes Pre Combustion, Post Combustion, Oxy-Fuel Combustion, and Industrial Separation activities. The report also includes market share, supply chain and value chain analysis; Porter’s five force analysis, and market metrics such as drivers, restrints, burning issues, opportunities, and winning imperatives. In addition, it presents a competitive landscape and company profiles of 10 key players in the market that include major companies, which provide carbon capture sequestration services and equipment manufacturers.