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2 1. MARKET INTELLIGENCE OVERVIEW Market Intelligence and competitive intelligence are imperative with regards to tasting the water before propelling your product. With Ingenious e-Brain competitive intelligence and market research service, you can increase profitable understanding about the latest trend in that specific section. With a team of expert technocrats and business analysts, we are resolved to offer best services to our regarded customers. Winning business strategies are backed by facts and data analytics. Our team of researchers and market analysts identify cutting-edge technologies and newer application areas in the global market. Gaining deeper insights about competitors and target market segments help our clients in making effective business decisions. Regardless, whether you wish to accumulate pertinent data about the business, its client base, socio- economic wise classification, present contenders and numerous different things that can affect your choices. Ingenious e-Brain will keep you informed about each viewpoint with detail. For More Details @ About us: We are a globally recognized research and analytics solutions provider with a team of experienced professionals from diverse technical domains. Our services, ranging from technology ideation to commercialization, are tailored to help our clients transform their business model by providing them holistic solutions around Intellectual Property, Technology, and Business Intelligence. Our clients include R&D groups, attorneys, and inventors from large law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Phone [US]: +1 347 480 2054 Phone [UK]: +44 207 193 3548 Email: