March Newsletter 2021 | Page 2


Eugenia enjoys helping out the Activities department by sanitizing Bingo Chips , organizing materials and passing TRAVELING out pre-meal THE WORLD activities .
Our residents are busying themselves and enriching their lives through volunteering !
BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING “ The purpose of life is not to be happy . It is to be useful , to be honorable , to be compassionate , to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well .”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson We are seeing more and more of our residents interested in opportunities to engage themselves by volunteering or performing “ work ” at the facility . We ’ ve all felt a common fear recently of social isolation and loneliness , feelings the senior population has increased risk long before COVID . Volunteering has many benefits to help make us both healthy and happy . Volunteering offers opportunities to connect with others , helping to combat feelings of isolation , and helps to provide enhanced self-esteem and sense of purpose .
Older adults often think about how they have contributed to the world and the legacy they will leave behind . Engaging in volunteer work helps create fulfillment sharing knowledge and experience making a positive difference improving the life of another . Studies have shown that seniors who volunteer remain physically functional , have a healthier psychological well-being and live longer !
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Wishing you another year full of blessings !
The Orchards of East Liverpool Delores D . 03 / 01 James T . 03 / 03
Pepperberry Suites Donna R . 03 / 01
Peachtree Inn
Edward F .
03 / 02
Thaddeus S .
03 / 05
The Orchards of Saxonburg Jeannette B 03 / 29
Bonnie crochets like a queen for her church club and has been making hats this winter and donating the proceeds to the residents Activity fund .
Stone Pear Pavilion
Geraldine F .
03 / 07
Josephine G .
03 / 28