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2 SWORD OF THE LORD March 3 , 2023
Why We Are Not Changing Bibles
When I left the Southern Baptist Convention 46 years ago , one of the issues that troubled me was the proliferation of “ versions ” of the Bible . What we have seen starting then and continuing until now is something like this .
From the ASV to the RSV , the New English Bible to the Living Bible , the NIV to the now popular ESV and a considerable number of other lesser-known “ versions ”— it seemed that they were constantly recommending something new , a version that had just been hatched by some publisher with an agenda .
But in the independent Baptist churches , the King James Bible was the English text . The pulpits thundered with “ Thus saith the
LORD .” There was neither doubt nor hesitancy in holding the King James Bible aloft and declaring , “ This is the Word of God .”
In the Convention churches , so many of the people were confused to the point that they didn ’ t know what was the Word of God or if there was a Word of God . The problem in changing Bibles so much was the absolute fact that people were confused by it all . When one “ version ” says one thing and another says something entirely different , people compare , they see the inconsistency and they are bewildered .
The claim that the King James Bible has words in it that people don ’ t understand is a silly argument . Every one of the “ versions ,” just like every newspaper and every magazine , will have words in it that are not in everyone ’ s vocabulary . But it isn ’ t all that difficult to look words up if you don ’ t know them .
The real problem that most people have with the KJB is that they do understand it . So they look for and find a watered-down “ version ” that doesn ’ t convict them so strongly .
The new versions are all either based entirely on the corrupt Westcott-Hort text ; or if they used the reliable Textus Receptus text , they made comparisons and adjustments based on the corrupt text .
Yes , I said “ corrupt ” text because Westcott and Hort ( two Englishmen in the 1880s ) made 9,970 adjust - ments to the New Testament Greek text ( Dr . Frederick Scrivener ’ s an - notated Greek text ).
The translation committee of the King James Bible was the greatest gathering of Hebrew and Greek scholars ever assembled for such a project . The accuracy of the work is unparalleled .
But now we have men who want to toss the King James Bible for whatever is currently popular . The ESV ( published 2008 ) is the current craze . It is billed as being from a “ perspective of classic evan - gelical orthodoxy in the historic stream of the Reformation ” ( Wiki - pedia ).
The key word in that statement is Reformation , which equates to Calvinism . Indeed , the “ ninety-five evangelical scholars ” involved in the translation , the ones highlighted in the promotion of it , are Calvinists . Furthermore , the ESV is reportedly greatly influenced by comparisons with the notoriously liberal RSV of 1946 .
With the access of the internet where everybody with a cheap com puter can push his ideas without accountability , you never know what will come next .
Of course , if they are going to change Bibles , some of them feel compelled to instruct others in how to get it done . So they talk of a “ transition ” from the KJB to the ESV or whatever else they have in mind . Transition is a slick word for how to manipulate and maneuver the people into going along with a major change .
With the textual research that has been done in the last thirty to forty years , there is really no legi - timate reason why anybody should not understand this . The King James Bible is the substantive English translation . It is precise .
It is the Word of God preserved in our language . You can trust it fully . It is the English text the Lord has used in a powerful way for generations . There is no good
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reason , no substantive justification , for changing Bibles .
We stand firmly for the integrity and the authenticity of the King James Bible as our English Bible . There is nothing else done in English that comes close to comparing to it . The reality is that all of these “ Johnny-come-lately ” versions have significant problems that make them unac ceptable . It is , therefore , my strong recommendation that you not be swayed into making some totally unnecessary and al - together unwise “ transition .”
Marxism on the March in the USA
The Heritage Foundation ( Jan - uary 24 , 2023 ) reports that the governor of Florida , Ron DeSantis , says , “ Florida is where woke goes to die .” Frankly , that ’ s the kind of conviction and courage that we hope will catch on with a lot of governors , senators , congressmen , mayors and others in leadership .
The woke culture is a Marxist scheme to uproot the Judaeo- Christian heritage of America . It is a cruel hoax being perpetrated on our country . The woke social en - gineers hate God , the Bible , the U . S . Constitution , capitalism and a lot of other great persons and things .
Marxism inches its way into existence through socialism ; and when it gets its feet planted , it embraces full-fledged communism with a totalitarian regime . It is past time to wake up and realize this is exactly what is unfolding before our eyes right here in the USA .
Weekend With Trinity Baptist Church , Oxford , Alabama
The cities of Oxford ( population 22,000 ) and Anniston ( population 21,000 ) are like twin cities in central Alabama . On the east side of Oxford , you ’ ll find the Trinity Baptist Church where Dr . C . O . Grinstead has served as pastor since 1980 .
Brother Grinstead invited me to speak for their sweetheart banquet on Saturday night and then be with them all day Sunday . I taught the auditorium Bible class and preached at both the morning and evening services .
The church has two radio stations . WTBB ( 89.9 FM ) is 35 miles away in Gadsden ; the second one ( WTBJ , 91.3 FM ) is right there in Oxford . Between the two stations , they have a listening audience in 24 counties . They have my Making a Difference broadcast on five nights a week at 7:15 p . m .
Their Trinity Christian Academy , with more than 300 students , is a strong part of their ministry . Brother Grinstead is also the president of the Alabama Christian School Associ ation .
The people received me warmly and listened graciously every time I stood before them . I enjoyed good liberty in preaching and had such a good time the entire weekend .
Early — really early — on Monday I was in the car and headed back to Murfreesboro . The 205-mile trip is easy to do in the predawn hours and I arrived in the office shortly after six o ’ clock .
If you live in the area , be sure you go to Trinity Baptist Church for a visit soon .
Ponderings From My Pen
Success in ministry is not an entitlement .
• • •
What you like to do and what you need to do in your ministry may be two entirely different things .
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Noteworthy News
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Boise announced plans to hold a so-called “ gender-affirming ritual ” at the State Capitol building in protest .… More than 80 bills have been introduced in 26 states in a bid to limit or criminalize body-disfiguring sex-change surgeries and other procedures for minors .
— christianpost . com
EDITOR ’ S COMMENTS : You can expect satanists to do as their mentor would do , but thankfully there are people who have not sold out to the sex-change nonsense .
Colorado Cake Artist Loses Again in Transgender Case
A Colorado court has again rejected cake designer Jack Phillips ’ effort to defend the freedom to conduct his business according to his Christian beliefs .
The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled …( January 26 ) that Phillips ’ refusal to create a custom cake for a gender transition celebration is not protected by the free speech clause of the U . S . Constitution ’ s First Amendment . The three-judge panel also unanimously agreed a state law prohibiting discrimination based on transgender status does not violate the free exercise of religion .…
The appeals court ’ s ruling is the latest in a succession of court proceedings initiated more than a decade ago regarding Phillips ’ decision not to design cakes he believes would communicate a message that conflicts with his faith .
— Jonathan Howe , sbc . net
Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases
The Heritage Foundation ’ s Election Fraud Database now includes 1,412 proven instances of election fraud and our legal center is monitoring many other ongoing prosecutions .
The database , which provides a sampling of recent election fraud cases , demonstrates the vulnerabilities within the electoral process and the need for reforms to secure free and fair elections for the American people .
The database doesn ’ t list potential fraud discovered by election officials and others that is never investigated or prosecuted and it obviously cannot list fraud that goes undetected when states with poor security don ’ t have the tools in place to even realize such fraud is occurring .…
Our latest update also features several instances of convicted felons voting .…
We also recently added a couple of instances of ineligible aliens voting to the database .…
As the latest updates to our Election Fraud Database illustrate , threats to fair and free elections continue to exist . As the more than 1,400 cases in the database should make abundantly clear , states should get to work implementing election reforms designed to improve the integrity of the election process . HERITAGE FOUNDATION
EDITOR ’ S COMMENTS : The Heritage Foundation is a reputable group whose research and data are reliable . In each of these areas of concern , they listed numerous specific cases of fraud ; but the article was too lengthy to be printed here in its entirety .
Bugs to Be Used in Bread and Various Other Items “ Intended for the General Population ,” Courtesy of the EU
The next pizza … the American travelers to Europe consumes may be loaded with bug dust , thanks to the European Food Safety Authority .
According to the official journal of the EU , a company called Cricket One submitted an application in 2019 seeking authorization to place partially defatted house cricket powder on the market as novel food .
The company sought to clear it for use in the manufacture of various foods , such as “ multigrain bread and rolls , crackers and breadsticks , cereal bars , dry pre-mixes for baked products , biscuits , dry stuffed and non-stuffed pasta-based products … beer-like beverages , chocolate confectionary … and meat preparations .”…
The EFSA also noted “ evidence demonstrating that [ the house cricket ] contains a number of potentially allergenic proteins ” and that such bug dust “ may cause allergic reactions in persons that are allergic to crustaceans , molluscs and dust mites .”…
As of January 24 , 2023 , Cricket One is permitted to peddle its pest food in Europe .
Bloomberg indicated that yellow mealworms and grasshoppers have similarly been approved .
According to the Cricket One ’ s website , “ Cricket protein is nutritionally more efficient , high performing and complete . It is a reliable and sustainable source of alternative protein that does not harm the planet .”
The company cites among its “ sustainable goods ” both “ climate action ” and “ responsible consumption and production .”
— Joseph MacKinnon , theblaze . com
EDITOR ’ S COMMENTS : If this doesn ’ t “ bug ” you , it should . This is a small part of the “ climate change ” activism designed to get us to stop eating meat , etc .
Federal Agencies Redefining Sex for Employers
Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act ( RFRA ) and the First Continued on p 6 ▶