Mansfield ISD Magazine Winter 2022 | Page 8


January marked the beginning of School Board Recognition Month , and Mansfield ISD is proud to celebrate the men and women who serve as its school board members .

Board members , also called trustees , are a link between the community and classroom . They are elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for public schools . The trustees are representatives and advocates who oversee the management of the school district , ensure financial accountability and adopt policies that support the district ’ s mission and vision .
With every decision that is made , the school board keeps MISD ’ s values in mind : students first , continuous improvement , integrity , communication , positive relationships and resiliency .
“ I am so blessed to work alongside our school members to provide the best education for students and a great workplace for staff members ,” said Superintendent Dr . Kimberley Cantu . “ They volunteer their time , effort and energy for this community , and they are some of Mansfield ISD ’ s greatest supporters and advocates . As this new year kicks off , I want to send a huge ‘ thank you ’ to our board members . I know that I , along with the entire Mansfield ISD community , am appreciative of them this month and throughout the year .”
The members of the Mansfield ISD school board are :
• Michelle Newsom , President ( Place 1 )
• Desiree Thomas , Vice President ( Place 2 )
• Randall Canedy , Secretary ( Place 3 )
• Keziah Valdes Farrar ( Place 4 )
• Karen Marcucci ( Place 5 )
• Warren Davis ( Place 6 )
• Darrell Sneed ( Place 7 )
“ Thank you to all the school board members for all the work y ’ all put in , all the hours y ’ all spent working , making sure that we as the students have the best experience that we can ,” said Ryan Bogatuik , a senior at Mansfield High School .
Staff members and parents noted that the trustees do a lot to continue to make Mansfield ISD a destination district .
“ From a parent perspective , it ’ s a great place to really learn and live ,” said Alvin Collins , teacher at James Coble Middle School who also has children in the district . “ From a staff perspective , it ’ s a great place to teach . And with the help and support from our seven board members , they ’ ve made this place a great place to be and grow a family .”
The MISD school board is responsible for an annual budget of $ 342.2 million , which includes operations and programs for more than 35,000 students , 4,500 employees and 49 campuses .
Mansfield ISD joined the more than 1,000 school districts across the state that celebrated the countless contributions school board members have made to Texas students and public schools . The theme for this year ’ s recognition was “ Rising Above .”