Mansfield ISD Magazine Winter 2016 | Page 27

Mary Ajeigbe th 8 grade, James Coble Middle Misbah Saiyed 11 grade, Summit High School th With my family having fun. With family relaxing and taking time off of school. Plus, my birthday is after Christmas. To pass the eighth grade. To be more positive and look at things more positively. I also want to live life to the fullest. A machine that sprays out endless money. Something that would automatically fulfill people’s basic needs of food, water, medicine, etc. Chick-fil-A. That’s my favorite place to eat. There’s no place like home. And I also like visiting my family in Pakistan. Graduating the fourth grade because we had a big ceremony for it. Anything that makes my parents happy and proud, like my GPA and being inducted into the National Honor Society. You get to have fun while it lasts. Not holding as many responsibilities and having parents do so much for us. Mansfield School & Family 25