Mansfield ISD Magazine Winter 2016 | Page 12

A MISD Students Explore the Sounds of Strings new type of sound can be heard in the hallways of Mansfield ISD intermediate schools this year. Students are getting the opportunity to participate in the district’s new orchestra program. “I love that orchestra is important to the district,” said Kevin Pearce, orchestra instructor at Mary Lillard and Mary Orr intermediate schools. “I think it’s an essential part of a well- rounded music program in school.” quickly through a method as other school districts where they did have instruments that they’re taking home.” The MISD orchestra program will expand in phases to the middle school and high school levels. For more information about the district’s fine arts programs, visit the MISD website. For its inaugural year, the program serves as an exploratory class to expose fifth graders to string instruments. Students are learning various techniques, such as bowing and plucking. Pearce said he is impressed with how quickly his classes are learning the concepts. “I’ve seen some really nice progress in them, especially considering how they’re not practicing at home,” Pearce explained. “They’re still moving as 10 Mansfield School & Family Pearce conducts the orchestra students at Mary Lillard Intermediate School during a mini-concert.