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When staff members at Della Icenhower Intermediate School saw a need to give students more positive adult influences , they stepped up to the call .

The school has all-boy and all-girl clubs specifically made to encourage the youth to make wise decisions and empower them to be productive leaders .
Brooks has a special belt buckle and plaque that was presented to him for his excellence in the rodeo realm .

David “ Rookie ” Brooks is a name that rings a bell to people who knew Mansfield when it was a one stop sign type of town . He and his family have been participating in the Kow Bell Indoor Rodeo for decades .

The arena , which was located where Legacy High School stands today , was a popular stopping place for cowboys and cowgirls in the 1960s , 1970s and 1980s . It was the place to go for an indoor rodeo experience .
Brooks was a longtime bullfighter , protecting the cowboys after they get off the bulls . He now works as a groundskeeper for the district and recently was inducted into the Cowboy Legacy Hall of Fame for all his contributions to the Kow Bell Indoor Rodeo .
“ I was honored to receive it ,” said Brooks . “ It means that they appreciate the work I ’ ve done — the work my family has done . And to be there in the room with some of the other inductees and people who I ’ ve known for years was touching .”
Those who work with Brooks said he ’ s always the life of the party , and they ’ re happy that they could learn more about his background and passion .
The boys club , called Men of Distinction , was birthed in fall 2021 . There is an application process to join , and the selected boys meet weekly to go over several leadership topics that will help them become better men .
Students have already seen a change in their mentality and behavior since they ’ ve joined Men of Distinction . Excel Adeeso said he ’ s now able to control how and when he talks by using the lessons discussed in the club .
“ It teaches me how to be a leader and helps me know what to do with my life ,” said the sixth grader . “ It really helps me a lot , and it helped me be a lot better in school .”
Along with the Men of Distinction , there is a campus Girls Club that keeps increasing in enrollment . Robbie McClendon , one of the organizers , said the club was established years ago ; however , there has been so much interest in the club this year that they had to create three separate sections for it .
“ We meet to empower young ladies to become stronger women . We believe in women ’ s leadership ,” said McClendon .
The Girls Club meets every other Friday in the afternoon . It is a time for the girls to learn how to maneuver their teen years in a positive manner and build stronger relationships with one another .
Staff members noted that the clubs have also helped increase positivity in the school and reduce behavior issues .
“ He ’ s always cracking jokes . He ’ s always the guy who will make you smile ,” said Mark Williamson , executive director of maintenance and facilities . “ So , it ’ s really cool to know somebody who was part of the Kow Bell . It was a great honor to know that he was there and also what he did there .”
After work , Brooks said he still lives the cowboy life . In his 60s , he ’ s still breaking wild horses and loving the rancher lifestyle . Although the Kow Bell Indoor Rodeo is no longer around , Brooks said he has had some of the best memories there doing what he loves — with the family that he loves .
Men of Distinction meetings cover a range of topics , including how to tie a necktie .