Mansfield ISD Magazine Summer 2019 | Page 27

MISD District Policy Inspires Positive Behavior in Students, Teachers In recent years, districts across the nation have been making policies to ensure that bullying within schools is under control. MISD’s district policies inspired two students inspired to create a “treatment agreement” for their schoolmates to sign. At Roberta Tipps Elementary School, two second-grade students wrote a letter to their principal wanting to create a schoolwide pact to treat their peers with kindness. “They took it upon themselves to generalize what they’ve been Second-grade students hold treatment agreement after students have signed it. learning in their class to the whole school,” said Cristina Hernandez, initiative is a districtwide initiative principal at Roberta Tipps that began this year. Its goal is Elementary. “I couldn’t say no to to improve social, emotional and that. That’s a teacher’s dream! academic outcomes for students. So, I had them create a poster, I “We have developed blew it up for them and we went schoolwide behavior expectations around school and had everyone for all students by using common sign it.” vocabulary and expectations,” This agreement includes four said Hernandez. “In the hallway, quadrants which include how all Junior Jags strive to be students will treat their teacher, I couldn’t say no to that. PAWSome by being respectful, how teachers will treat their That’s a teacher’s dream! responsible and safe by walking students, how students will treat on the right hand side of the hall, each other and how everyone ~ Cristina Hernandez, with eyes forward and a voice will treat the materials in the Principal level zero.” classroom. Roberta Tipps The staff at Roberta Tipps “As a class, they agree upon Elementary Elementary wants to teach expectations and rules for each,” students the Golden Rule, which said Hernandez. “Everyone signs is to treat others how you want to the agreement, and it is posted in be treated. the class and referred to often.” “We want our students to be As an incentive, the teachers caring, empathetic, verbal and give students they see displaying positive,” said Hernandez. “We great behavior a “golden ticket.” must do our part to teach them This enters them in a chance to how to interact and socialize win prizes such as an extra recess, appropriately. We must teach a dance party or other treats. them to accept all no matter their The Positive Behavioral differences.” Interventions and Support (PBIS) | 27