Mansfield ISD Magazine Summer 2016 | Page 29

MISD Seventh-Graders Earn State Recognition for ACT/SAT Scores S everal M ansfield ISD seventh - graders were recognized for being among the most academically talented middle school students who excelled on college - level tests . A total of 40 students received S tate R ecognition by D uke T alent I dentification P rogram (D uke TIP) for scoring above the national average of recent high school graduates on at least one part of the ACT or the SAT college entrance exams . D uke TIP’s Seventh Grade Talent Search is the largest program of its kind in the nation, and identifies academically talented seventh-graders based on standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school. Congratulations to the following students for this outstanding achievement: James Coble Middle School • Travis Jones • William Lozano • Nicholas Plummer T.A. Howard Middle School • • • • • • • • • • Antonio Balderaz Matthew Dallao Jason Marve Austin McKay Jake Murphy Uyen Nguyen Sophia Ortiz Sichun Skaarup Hayden Stegall Adyn Tansey Linda Jobe Middle School • • • • Camilla Brown Caroline Brown Micah Donathan Kassidy Edward Danny Jones Middle School • Taimoor Chaudhary • Jason Diggs • Leila Hopson Brooks Wester Middle School • • • • • • • • • • • Aaron Boles Mackie Cooper Gregory Dey Cassandra Donaldson Andrew Fowler Diana Klein Kara LePage Reagan Lewis Emily Olivera Bailey Rizzo Jackson Rose Rogene Worley Middle School • • • • • • • • • Denise Bonsu LJah-Jcob Dumo Omair Khan James Melton Kyler Rowland Avery Smith Kyra Ullman Ricky Wang Jewel Wong Mansfield School & Family 27