Mansfield ISD Magazine Summer 2016 | Page 12

Academic Banquet Honors Top-Ranked High School Students T ables were set, awards were in place, and the red carpet was rolled out for some of the highest achieving students in Mansfield ISD. The MISD Education Foundation’s 17th annual Academic Recognition Banquet was held on May 2 to honor 50 high school students who are in the top percentiles of their class. The night isn’t only about the students, though. The teachers who most inspired those students were also invited to take part in the celebration. “The banquet is a great event to showcase the talents that we have in Mansfield ISD,” said Linda Bacsik, Director of the MISD Education Foundation. “It’s a privilege for the Foundation to be able to honor the students, and for them to honor their teachers. It means so much to the teachers to hear what the students have to say about them.” Students at the academic banquet took pictures on the red carpet before the event began. Lindsey Thomas, a senior at Summit High School, said she chose teacher Patricia Johnson “The banquet is a great event to showcase the talents that we have in Mansfield ISD.” because of the lasting impact that was made beyond the boundaries of the classroom. “I learned a lot in class, but I also learned a lot from her,” said Thomas. “I used to be closed-minded, and she taught me how to work with other people better.” Committee member Mike Leasor, Director Linda Bacsik, and Mansfield Mayor David Cook were proud to be part of the event. 10 Mansfield School & Family The banquet is a fundraising event for the MISD Education Foundation, sponsored by individuals and local businesses. Proceeds from the banquet go to the Education Foundation to support innovation in MISD classrooms.