Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2020 | Page 4


The Mansfield ISD School Board approved the budget for the 2020-21 school year .

The budget accounts for many aspects , including the full-day prekindergarten classes that began in the fall , a refresh of the district ’ s technology 1:1 initiative that gives each secondary student a device , and any uncertainties that may arise based upon how school will be implemented due to COVID-19 .
Also as part of the budget , employees received a 1 % raise at their pay grade ’ s midpoint . Employees on the teacher scale with 14 years of experience received an additional salary increase of $ 700 , and those on the scale with 19 years of experience received an extra salary increase of $ 400 .
“ There are a lot of unknowns that made the budgeting process more challenging this year , and there were several meetings and discussions concerning this budget to ensure that everything aligns with our district ’ s Vision 2020 and Vision 2030 strategic goals ,” said School Board President Karen Marcucci . “ Our committee worked very hard to make very conservative estimations and decisions in order to pass a budget that would be best for the district .”
MISD ’ s 2020-21 general operating budget totals $ 318.8 million . Debt service is $ 72 million . The budget for student nutrition , which is not funded through local tax dollars , was approved for $ 17.7 million with no increase in student meal prices .
The school board later approved a lower tax rate at the regular school board meeting on Aug . 25 .
Mansfield ISD ’ s tax rate is decreasing from $ 1.46 to $ 1.4464 per $ 100 of certified property value .
“ As a taxpayer , I ’ m personally grateful that our Business Services Department has worked so hard to ensure that our taxes decrease , even by a little bit , because it all adds up ,” said Marcucci . “ We want to continue being fiscally responsible while doing what is best for the MISD community .”
Under the new tax rate , approximately 96 cents ($. 9564 ) will go toward the maintenance and operations ( M & O ) fund , and 49 cents is for the debt service fund .
The maintenance and operations budget funds daily costs and recurring or consumable expenditures , such as teacher and staff salaries , supplies , food , gas and utilities . The debt service fund is used to repay debt for longerterm capital improvements approved by voters through bond elections .

“ We want to continue being fiscally responsible while doing what is best for the MISD community ”