Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2018 | Page 24

ASK MISD Kids KINDERGARTEN Gabrielle Real Imogene Gideon Elementary THIRD GRADE TaKyrein Henderson Kenneth Davis Elementary SUPERINTEN If you had to leave home for an emergency, what three things would you take? Dr. Jim Vasza My teddy bear, blanket and pillow. My phone, backpack and T.V. Mommy And...? What would you do to entertain yourself if you were stranded on an island? Call Mommy. I’d roll down a hill and climb back up. What do you think makes a great teacher? When the teacher takes us to lunch and feeds us. Someone who helps us learn a lot. What is one thing you could have done better today? Be good. Math. I’m good at it, but I can always get better. What is your favorite word? 21 M A NSFIELD ISD.O RG