Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2016 | Page 25

Kennedy Fast 8 grader at Brooks Wester Middle School th Khaden Joyner 5 grader at Cross Timbers Intermediate School th I went to Mexico with my family, and my mom and I went walking on the beach. When we went to Florida to see my sister cheer competitively. I’m a big theatre kid, so I’m really excited for the plays. We’re also doing a musical this fall. I’m excited for harder classes because this year, my classes are more challenging. I saved up for months to buy my big brother an action figure that he really wanted. I gave $20 to a homeless person because they looked like they needed it more than me. I want to be a lawyer, so I’ll probably still be in college working hard to become one. I’ll probably still be in college because I’ll be training to be an oncologist. We don’t need to be sheltered all the time. Let us get older and mature. Just give me ten years. I promise you’ll be rich. Mansfield School & Family 23