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Manchester PGx Partners with the Personalized Medicine Coalition

Manchester University students and faculty in the Pharmacogenomics ( PGx ) Program are taking an active role in maintaining a new nationwide database that cross references druggene interaction information in clinical guidelines with U . S . Food and Drug Administration data .
The first quarterly listing of the database was released at the end of August by the Personalized Medicine Coalition ( PMC ), Manchester ’ s partner in the project , which will continue to update this resource each quarter . Much of the work will be done by a Manchester team that includes students in the Master of Science in PGx degree program and the dual degree program that allows students to earn a doctoral degree in pharmacy and the PGx master ’ s degree concurrently .
“ We are fortunate to be able to partner with the PMC to provide this PGx resource . This effort continues to showcase Manchester University ’ s commitment to being a leader in PGx ,” said David Kisor , director of pharmacogenomics education at Manchester .
The listing will be a resource that combines the latest scientific thinking in personalized medicine in one place . Current information from the FDA ’ s Table of Pharmacogenetic Associations and widely consulted clinical guidelines published by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium will be included . Because it will be updated every quarter , the database will help researchers , genetic test developers and health care decision-makers keep up with the latest information and reduce the effect of sometimes-conflicting information in the fast-evolving area of personalized medicine .
Pharmacogenomics , the study of the relationship between an individual ’ s genetics and their response to a medication , allows physicians and other clinicians to prescribe drugs to maximize therapy early on and avoid or decrease the risk of adverse effects .
Offering both on-campus and online programs , Manchester PGx gives students the opportunity to play an active role in this cutting-edge and exciting field of science . In 2021 , Manchester ’ s MS in PGx Program received an Innovation in Teaching Award from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy PGx special interest group .

AACP 2022 New Investigator Award

MARWA NOURELDIN , Pharm . D ., M . S ., Ph . D ., BCGP , received the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2022 New Investigator Award for her research project , Pharmacists ’ Roles as Information Providers to Family Caregivers of Older Adults . Every year , scores of early career pharmacy faculty from around the country compete for just 16 awards . Noureldin , a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist will present the results of her work at the 2023 AACP Annual Meeting .
“ Dr . Noureldin is the third Manchester Pharmacy faculty to receive this award in the last five years – a highly unprecedented accomplishment that shows the strength of our researchers and their programs ,” Dean Tommy Smith said .
Noureldin ’ s research focuses on the health care experiences of older adults and their caregivers , specifically with medication management experiences . She is also interested in social and behavioral factors related to medication use and the impact on health outcomes . Her interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning has led her participation in projects related to pharmacy and interprofessional education . She has authored and co-authored multiple publications and presented at AACP and other national conferences .
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