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Rising to the ACCP Challenge : Manchester Students Compete in San Francisco

Manchester ’ s student team ranked among the top eight pharmacy schools in the nation . A first for Manchester Pharmacy , winning the team entry to compete in the final three rounds at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy global conference .
The ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge is a rigorous team-based competition . Teams of three students compete against teams from other schools and colleges of pharmacy in a “ quiz bowl ” format . Each round consists of three timed segments ranging from 5-12 minutes as follows ; Trivia / Lightning with 10 seconds to answer each question , a clinical case segment asking five questions , and a Jeopardy-style multiple choice segment related to health conditions in five predetermined categories . Teams can earn from 75 to 300 points for each question , depending on the segment .
Fourth-year Pharmacy students Caleb Hoppe , Breia Leavell and Cecilia Schowe excelled in four rounds of competition held virtually in September . They competed against teams from 113 colleges of pharmacy across the country to make it to the quarterfinal round of eight teams .
Caleb Hoppe
Breia Leavell
Each team member who advances to the quarterfinal round receives a complimentary student full conference registration , an ACCP certificate of recognition and gift certificate for $ 125 .
Coached by Jason Isch , Pharm . D ., an assistant professor of pharmacy practice , the Manchester team also includes alternates , Kendall Littlefield and Megan Gushrowski . Due to a scheduling conflict , alternate Megan Gushrowski has taken Hoppe ’ s place in San Francisco .
“ They have been amazing during each of these rounds and have shown just how intelligent and poised they are during rounds where they need to answer questions every 10 seconds ,” said Isch , who is a faculty liaison for the Manchester ACCP student chapter .
In the quarterfinal round , Manchester competed with teams from Auburn University , Belmont University , Southern Illinois University , University of Oklahoma , University of Tennessee , University of Toledo and University of Wisconsin-Madison .
Cecilia Schowe

Scholarship and Research Awards

Dean ’ s Scholarship for Pharmacy Students CVS Health Foundation Pharmacy School Scholarship CVS Spanish Foundations Scholarship Walgreens Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Award Walgreens Multilingual Scholarship Paula Avila Outstanding Laboratory Research Award
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