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2022 Outstanding Accomplishments Awards

SANDY HROMETZ , a professor of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics , who recently retired , received the Lorin M . Sheppard Teacher of the Year Award , in recognition for extraordinary accomplishments in teaching in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program . She has demonstrated excellence in teaching , motivates intellectual curiosity in students and inspires colleagues .
KATHRYN MARWITZ , assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences received the Scholar of the Year Award in recognition for extraordinary accomplishments in scholarship in the Pharmacy Program . She has shown a commitment to improving the body of knowledge in areas appropriate to the mission of the program and University .
RYAN ADES , former director of experiential education , received the Outstanding Service Award in recognition of extraordinary accomplishments in service to his profession and the community . He has demonstrated a commitment to engagement with the community , leadership through service , and improving patient care . Ades currently serves as a lecturer for the Pharm . D . Program .

Faculty Promotions

TERI BEAM , associate dean of academic programs for health sciences and pharmacy
ROB BECKETT , assistant dean of assessment for health sciences and pharmacy

AACP Service Appointments

Manchester faculty strive to maintain a strong representation in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy ( AACP ). Many of our faculty participated as presenters in July at the 2022 AACP Annual Meeting focused on Pharmacy Education . The following faculty have been active in fulfilling leadership roles in AACP through this year , or are beginning new service .
DIANE CALINSKI , chair , department of pharmaceutical and graduate life sciences
TERESA DELELLIS , vice chair , department of pharmacy practice
SARAH GORDON , assistant dean of pharmacy curricular affairs
MELISSA GRATZ , director of experiential education
TOM SMITH , assistant dean of admissions and alumni engagement
TRENT TOWNE , chair , department of pharmacy practice
SARA TROVINGER , director of the pharmacy distance pathway and interim director of experiential education
ROB BECKETT , Pharm . D ., assistant dean of assessment and director of the Drug Information Center , completed his term as immediate past-chair of the Drug Information and Library Sciences Section
DIANE CALINSKI , Ph . D ., chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Graduate Life Sciences , is transitioning from the chair to immediate past-chair of the Biological Sciences Section .
JENNIFER CAMPBELL , Pharm . D ., dean of student life – Fort Wayne , is transitioning to the immediate pastchair of the Administrative Services Section .
TERESA DELELLIS , Pharm . D ., associate professor of pharmacy practice and vice chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice , is serving her final year as secretary of knowledge management for the SIG Cabinet Administrative Board and her second term as chair of the Pharmacy Practice Section Research and Scholarship Committee .
RENEE MCCAFFERTY , MS , Pharm . D ., associate professor of pharmacy practice was inducted as chair of the Ethics SIG .
W . THOMAS SMITH , Pharm . D ., J . D ., dean , was elected to the Council of Deans for three years , serving as chair-elect , chair and immediate past chair , respectively . He is also representing the Council on the AACP Board of directors for the three years .
SARA TROVINGER , Pharm . D ., associate professor of pharmacy practice and director of the Pharm . D . distance pathway , was inducted as the chair-elect of the Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning SIG .
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