Manchester University Viewbook 2018 - Page 8

Nathan Timmerman Professional Sales & Marketing // Fort Wayne, Ind. “I’m living proof that you can have a ton of success here,” ... he says now. But going to college was never an expectation for Nathan Timmerman. He had other priorities. Since he was 13, Nathan had served the role of caretaker in his family, moving in with an uncle disabled by muscular dystrophy, cooking meals and helping him get around. “I just moved in when the family needed me,” he says. Consequently, with his attention focused on helping others, Nathan’s own ambitions were put on hold. That changed at MU where the focus was put on him. “When I came to Manchester, I felt like a lot of professors recognized my potential, and they pushed me to meet it.” And meet it, he has. With a double major in marketing and professional sales, Nathan has excelled – achieving a 3.9 GPA, serving two internships and earning an interview with the Indiana Pacers – and he’s on track to graduate a semester early. 8 Guided by his experience in assisting others, he’s adapted well to the MU College of Business’ approach to professional sales, “… because I believe good sales is about helping people,” says Nathan.