Manchester University Viewbook 2018 - Page 16

Fotini Kristuli and Susu Lassa Accounting // Tirana, Albania Political Science // Borno State, Nigeria “I can talk to her about everything,” ... says Fotini Kristuli about her best Manchester friend, Susu Lassa. Theirs is an unlikely friendship, having grown up 2,000 miles apart and more than 5,000 miles from Manchester. But when they met here, they found they were more alike than they were different. They both love to eat. And cook. And dance. And they love to go exploring together. They’ve ventured to Indianapolis and Chicago and, next summer, plan to travel together to Albania – Fotini’s home country. They look forward to spending time in MU’s brand new Intercultural Center, a meeting space where the entire MU community can share global cultures and learn from differences. thought that coming here, wouldn’t find people who would get me,” says Susu from Borno State, Nigeria, “but … I found Fotini and she’s just become home to me.” 16 After graduation, Fotini says they’ll always keep in touch. “I don’t think this is the kind of friendship you just lose … would definitely say we’ll be friends for life.